In light of the global situation with regards coronavirus (COVID-19), the priority at Parade House is to protect residents and staff.

Protecting our Residents & Staff

In recent days, we have held meetings with both residents and staff to make them aware of the guidelines that have been issued by the public health authorities. In particular, we have shared the advice to ensure that hands are washed regularly, tissue should be used for coughs and sneezes and that touching the face should be avoided. To support this advice, Parade House has increased its supplies of hand soap, sanitiser and tissues.

Visiting Parade House

On entering Parade House, we ask that visitors use the hand sanitiser provided in the hallway to help ensure their hands are clean on entering the building.


We kindly ask that anyone who has travelled to certain countries (China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Northern Italy) does not visit Parade House until fourteen days after they have returned to the UK.

Also, we ask that anyone with a cough, cold, fever or who has difficulty breathing does not visit Parade House until these symptoms have cleared.

These restrictions are in place to help reduce the risk to residents and staff and apply equally to visitors, staff and contractors.


Parade House is in regular contact with the health authorities and inspectorate (CIW) who continue to provide regular updates in what is a fluid situation. If there is a material change to the advice we are being given then I will issue a further update.

Pauline Mann
Registered Manager